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Why you lose your hair

Women love to change their hairstyles and colours – it’s one of the ways they can express themselves individually. But one topic that is rarely touched upon is female hair thinning.

It may be that you are the only one to notice that your hair is thinning – but you cannot avoid the fact when you are styling every morning, or looking in the mirror.

A lot of women will mask their hair loss by changing their hair colour or even investing in hair pieces instead of trying to get to the cause.

DHT, or dihydrotesosterone is the cause of most men’s and women’s hair loss and if you are one of the unfortunate women who suffer with hair thinning then Revivogen may be able to help.

Revivogen contains powerful ingredients which have been selected by an expert dermatologist to act on the fundamental causes of hair loss and help grow strong, healthy hair.

This unique formulation is designed to help women like you regain your self-confidence and stimulate the hair into regrowth…and without any systemic side-effects.

1. Testosterone-the precursor to DHT-enters the hair follicle cell through special gateways called androgen receptors. 

2. Once inside the cell, Testosterone is converted to DHT by the enzyme 5AR.

3. DHT enters the nucleus of the cell, activates the hair loss genes and shuts down normal hair production.

4. As hair production slows, the hair follicles begin to atrophy and produce finer and thinner hairs until the follicles die and stop producing hair completely.

No Side Effects